Core 2018 Open House


Wizards of the Coast will be sending us some special welcome to Magic kits. Making today a great day to learn to play magic.

From 2-5 we will have a Magic Judge on hand to help new players learn the basics of the game. If you are a new player or an experienced player or someone in between swing by and help others learn the game.



Core Set 2019


Oh, PreRelease, How I miss you. Why can’t we always be together?
What we have one for Core Set 2019 the weekend of July 6-7.

As always the Arena is hosting 4 prerelease events to celebrate this newest Magic the Gathering expansion.

Midnight Friday – Packs at 11pm round 1 starts at Midnight.
Noon Saturday – Packs at Noon round 1 starts at 1pm.
6 Saturday – Packs at 6pm round 1 starts at 7pm.
Noon Sunday – Packs at Noon round 1 starts at 1pm.

Each round is 25$ to play and will use our win a round get a pack method of prized with extra packs for 3-1 and better records.