Other Games

We cover a lot more then just Magic the Gathering at the Arena. Trading Card Games or Tcgs like MtG and Pokemon have been proven to have positive effects on the kids that play them both in reading/comprehension and in math. RPGs, like D&D and Pathfinder have been tied to confidence building and problem solving.


Each Saturday from 2-5 we have Pokemon League. The league is free to play and welcomes anyone at any skill level. So if you want to learn to play or have a little one you want to get away from the TV/Video Games the league is a good place to start.

We also have Pokemon tournaments, mostly standard format. Everyone that enters a Pokemon tournament earns a pack.


We run monthly Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments in either the Advance format or Traditional format. We try and rotate formats so everyone can play even if they are newer players while still supporting those that have been playing for a while or have invested in some of the older cards.

Table Top and other Card Games

We carry a number of other card games as well as a wide selection of board games. Role Playing Games supplies like handbooks, dice, minis/paint and mats are always on hand. We have a number of Pathfinder Society Organized Play Events each month. These PFS events are for new players as well as for the grizzled dice thrower. And has a lot of the feel of a weekly PRG game with out the need to work your schedule to attend each week.


We try and keep Warhammer and Warmachine in stock and i hope to begin to host tournaments again soon.

Video Games

We buy and resell video games as well as game systems. We touch on everything from classic vintage of the Atari all the way up to the ultra current top of the line system/games. You will just have to check us out and see what we have available as this stock is based on what comes in to be sold so it is always in flux.

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