Magic at the Arena

We run several different MtG tournaments here at the Arena. On Fridays we take part of the WoTC’s Friday Night Magic program. Each FNM we host a Constructed (Standard, Modern, Commander, Two Headed Giant Standard) event and a Draft Pod. Constructed FNM events are Free to enter while the Drafts have a $12 entry fee.

Saturdays we host tournaments including; Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers, TCGplayer Max Point events and local events like Store Vs Store challenges and Win a Box events.

Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers:
Standard Constructed event, by winning this event you have a spot at the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier and a shot at making the Pro Tour. The Arena gets 1 PPTQ a Quarter for a total of 4 a year. Your path to the Pro Tour starts here!

Store V Store:
12 man teams face off in 3 different head to head events, Standard constructed, Commander constructed and a booster draft.

Win a Box:
On the Third Thursday of each month starting at 8PM as long as we have 8 players we have a standard constructed event to win a box. At 16 players we will split in to smaller pods (minim of 8) as evenly as possible with each prize pool wining their own pod.

2 thoughts on “Magic at the Arena

  1. is there a way for ppl playing MTG Online to sign up with The Arena to advance and collect promo items or report our wins? New to Mtg, I was told to contact my local game store. I don’t see anywhere that mentions this feature.


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