Todd Brown opened The Arena in 1997 as your typical sport card store with a mild twist of comicbooks. Trends have come and gone and products with them (no more comics other then a few special trade paperbacks) and The Arena has grown to encompass everything from Football/Baseball cards to Body Jewelry. Yep, even Body Jewelry!

Yes, you can still find autographs, jerseys and other memorabilia. Once my best mate bought some stadium seats from Todd. I did say “Other Memorabilia”. The Arena is so much more then your normal memorabilia/sport store.

The Arena is your one stop shop for gaming. We have card games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh, with room in store for casual playing as well saving you a seat in one of our various tournaments we hold each month. We also carry a large variety of tabletop board game favorites (and soon to be favorites) like “The Settlers of Catan” (and it’s many expansions), Munchkin ( in all of its varied forms.) and “Carcassonne” just to name a few. Some of my family’s favorites for holidays and family game night, by the way. If when I say “tabletop games” you start thinking about Role Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and/or other RPG systems we have those too! As well as other gaming accessories like Dice, play-mats, miniatures and more. Speaking of miniatures. If you like miniature based games like Warhammer and HeroClix then you are in luck as we carry those also.

I almost forgot to tell you about our huge selection of Video games (vintage games to new releases) and DVDs.

All that and Todd’s amazing/terrible humor/stories/in good spirit pranks you can handle alongside some of the best prices around.

Stop by and see us.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Todd, I have some rare beanie baby bears/ collection that I would like to sell! Can you tell me or help do this?


  2. Hi I have a huge collection if magic cards and I’m looking on selling them. Would you all be able to help me out with that and take a look at them.


    • I can take a quick look, but really depending on where you are at you might be best off finding someone locally to help out. Email me some details over at the 2trollsbrew @ gmail account and i can see what i can do to help.


  3. Hi I am new to the area and was wondering if there was a contingent of RPG players in Salina. I am a DM and GM for DnD and Shadowrun, but also enjoy playing.


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